Like 'em Lichens

This morning, I came across some sticks from an old oak tree. What I found captivated the "photographer" within.

The Winter Garden

Winter can be a difficult time for most gardeners. It's considered to be an off season - washing containers, checking equipment, and other random tasks. What projects could I do to add some winter interest to my garden? Start with something simple like bird feeders. Before installing your bird feeder, consider the location. Place the feeder away from high traffic areas, including cars and pedestrians; near to an area of cover like bamboo or an evergreen; and near a source of water. After getting your bird feeder to the best possible spot, it is time to pick up some feed. During the winter birds are interested in gaining some serious fat. So provide them with feed that is high in protein.


Another thing you could add to your project is a bird bath. At Compton Gardens we decided to create our own bird bath using trunks of fallen trees and a chainsaw. After scooping out the bowl, we added a mossy rock (for a landing pad), and some plants to give it a natural, living aesthetic.

After doing these few things at our garden, the result has been dramatic. I've counted 15 or more species of birds at a time in the area providing a winter garden with an abundance of color.