Houses Made of Glass?

This week I will be working in the glasshouses at the RBGE. As one would say in the Arkansas native tongue, "Damn, shure is hot up in thur." I didn't think it was possible to break a sweat in Scotland.

Since I began my work indoors, I have come across some beautiful little orchids.

Dendrobium hellwigianum

Dendrochilum filiforme
[Photo1] [Photo2] [Photo3]

Dracula bella
[Photo1] [Photo2]

Masdevallia nycterina
[Photo1] [Photo2]

[Photo1] [Photo2] [Photo3]

Poroglossum echidnum
[Photo1] [Photo2]

Scaphosepalum punctatum
[Photo1] [Photo2] [Photo3]

I've also been recording daily weather from the garden's weather stations. A record of temperature must be taken in the air, at ground surface and below ground. Other things that are recorded are wind speed and direction, state of ground, cloud density, visibility and hours of sunlight. To make these observations, I am required to climb the ladders to the top of the largest glasshouse. Don't worry, I promise I wont fall and be shredded by falling through panes of glass. I will post some pictures soon.


  1. Abigail said...
    such beautiful things to spend time with.
    Anonymous said...
    Hey brother, click here for some pics from your dad's visit.
    Anonymous said...
    The dracula bella is my favorite.

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