The Orchid at Artist Point

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I left for Artist Point in Mountainburg, Arkansas. I was there last year and discovered a unique plant. However, it was not flowering. My plan was to catch the plant in flower so that I would be able to identify it. But once again, the plant had already flowered nor was any fruit attached to the plant. One difference from last year, there seems to be many more of these plants than last year! I wont miss it another year! Ha!

After studying the foliage and the fruit of the plant from last year. I think this plant is Galearis spectabilis. It flowers from April - July (I was totally wrong about going out there this time of year). Anyway, I will be looking for this plant next year! Wish me luck!

Silvia and I were at the end of the trail near the small waterfall. Very wet area, great place for strange creatures! As I was digging through the dead leaves and turning over logs, we discovered a beautiful spotted salamander.


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