Pinnacle Mountain State Park

Over the Thanksgiving break, my young friend Bob and I set out for an adventure at Pinnacle Mountain (Penuchle Mountain, as I like to call it). Bob and I were heading down one of the roads that leads to the East Summit Trail. Just at the opening of the road, as you look to the right into a ditch, there was a beautiful Red Tail Hawk. This hawk seemed to have had a successful rabbit hunt. As quickly as I could, I stopped my truck and snapped some shots of this beautiful creature. Bob then said, "Well, this is weird. I've never done this before." Bob and I slowly and calmly approached the bird until we were no more than 10 feet away. Just amazing.

Afterwards, we made it to the park. We began fishing at first, no luck. Bob then decided that we would walk around the base of Pinnacle, hike up the east side and descend on the west side. Bob and I were like two friendly mountain goats jumping and bounding from one boulder to the next. In less than two hours, we completed the entire mountain and claimed it as our own. Lewis and Clark, that's a laugh. Bob and John, now those guys should be taken seriously!

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  1. Kathryn said...
    Cute pictures! I enjoy your writing style and your new blog.

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