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Hello everyone! Aren't things warming up a bit in Arkansas? Well, while your baking in the hot sun, my tomatoes are staying cool in the garden. Since I don't have room for much in my tiny garden, I have planted my tomatoes a bit too close together. They may seem a bit crowded, but with the right pruning job they will be just fine. I've also planted them near a fence to help with support rather than dealing with those circular wire frames.

Yellow Pear

Have you heard of a rice-paper plant or rice-paper tree or Tetrapanax papyrifer? It's a wonderful specimen that adds great foliage interest to the garden. At the corner of my house there was once a Lonicera maackii - needless to say, I chopped that down with a axe made from the fires in hell. (*Hint* If you paint a coat of roundup on the stump it wont come back.) After the Amur honeysuckle was removed, I installed the rice-paper plant as a replacement. Once established the plant will mostly take care of itself. It will grow into a nice mounding screen; however, it will die back to the ground in the winter in Arkansas. It might be possible that southern Arkansas might get away with having it year-round. Before you think that you want one, keep in mind that this plant loves to spread from the base. Many of my colleagues are against having the rice-paper plant in their garden, but I've always been pretty rebellious when it comes to following the crowd.

Tetrapanax papyrifer

Another little accent to my garden is Polemonium pauciflorum aka. Hickley's polemonium - I like to call it skunk plant, because the foliage smells horrific, which I think is terrific! By the way, its flowers are nice too.

Polemonium pauciflorum

Polemonium pauciflorum

It's the summer! People enjoy relaxing in the shade next to a cool, clean pool with an ice cold summer drink. I believe that was my father's idea a few weeks ago as he stepped out onto the veranda and mosied on over to his large, green umbrella. It never occurred to him that he would disturb the rest of a peaceful creature. As soon as he popped open his shade providing machine... "AHHHHH! A BAT!" Then he screamed for his wife, "Chotsie, there's a bat! Help." After careful review of the pictures, I have no idea what kind of bat this is. Could it be the very rare Small-footed Bat? I just don't know.


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