Geastrum: Earthstar Mushroom

Due to a low pressure system lingering above our wonderful state, we have been graced once again with bloom of interesting mushrooms! Keep your eyes to the ground as you go on your morning jog, or just a simple afternoon stroll. Just this morning I stumbled across an interesting specimen. "Wow! An exploding nipple mushroom," was the first thing that popped into my mind. Consequently, the name is actually earthstar mushroom. I'm not quite certain of its specific epithet, so I will reveal only the genus: Geastrum. For more information, just click here!


  1. shout it out said...
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    shout it out said...
    hahahaha. yes, it certainly does look like an exploding nipple....but it is one hell- of -an interesting mushroom....have never seen anything like it before...we usually find the "umbrella" kind of mushrooms in this one edible?

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