If you are a plant geek, you're going to love these rare beauties...

Cypripedium parviflorum Yellow Lady's Slipper

Galearis spectabilis Showy Orchis

Corallorrhiza wisteriana Spring Coralroot

The Spring Coralroot is a very interesting orchid. It is a nonphotosynthesizing orchid. It is able to take up nutrition from mycorrhizal fungus. Pretty cool, huh? Also back in the good ol' days, this plant was used to assist in breaking high fever and used as a mild sedative. But do not go out looking for this plant for that reason. Corallorrhiza is a rare plant and its habitat should be left alone!

Corallorrhiza wisteriana Spring Coralroot

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  1. S.P. Gass said...
    Nice pics. I was excited to find showy orchis in the woods behind our house this year.

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