I have often seen these stinky mushrooms popping out of recently mulched gardens; however, I've never taken the time to get to know them properly until now.

This silly mushroom is a stinkhorn from the Mutinus genus. I did some research to discover the species and I've narrowed it down to M. caninus or M. elegans. The best way to differentiate between these two species is the position and length of the spore slime (the stuff that looks like poop). The problem is that my spore slime seems to have been disturbed.

If you haven't noticed, I did get very close to these mushrooms. The smell is very thick and not very appetizing, at least to humans. I noticed many gnats and flies running around the sticky, brown slime. They do eat it, but they also get the slime stuck to their feet. For a mushroom, that's a pretty ingenious way to spread spores.

For more information on stickhorns check out MushroomExpert.com

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    Alright! Stink-horn. Good to see you posting too. Keep it up! I hope you are doing well :)

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