Recently, I was given a taxonomical key - Thanks Angela! What a fantastic resource to have if you are a horticulturist like me. I don't know how I ever got along without one for such a long time.

Just the other day I was checking on the cider orchard. I noticed in the distance, beautiful pink flowers dripping down the slopes next to the dirt road. I've seen these plants before, and had simply assumed them to be a kind of locust. But with my new book I could explore all the details of this plant and provide this beautiful specimen with a proper name.

Robinia hispida Bristly Locust

And for your viewing pleasure, I snapped a photo of some huge asparagus growing very close to the cider apple trees! Yummmmmmmm!


  1. A rootdigger said...
    How do you know its not indigofera?
    I have been looking for a horticulturist who could help me with this. I have aplant which seems to resemble this one, and we always have called it Indigofera, until the name Bristly Locust came up.
    Thanks for you post.
    John Gardner said...
    There are two species of Indigofera in Arkansas, I. suffruticosa and I. minata var. leptosepala. The quickest id clue to differentiate between the Indigofera and the Robinia is the bristles, or thorns, that cover the stems. Other id clues would be the color and size of the flowers, leaf size, and growth habit.

    :) I hope I helped. Thanks for visiting the blog!

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