So.... Saturday....

Sunday was a nice relaxing day in the city. Laura Fowler and I visited the castle. I had seen the castle before; however, I get in for free and she wanted to check it out.

After visiting the castle, we walked down to the market on Prince's street and purchased a hot and delicious paella.

Then we jumped a bus and headed towards Portobello for the rest of the afternoon. Ah, I am really beginning to love the beach. People were swimming (in the freezing cold water), lots of cute little doggies playing, pints, frisbees, fish and chips and no tourists! ha. good fun.

Oh, listen... I was invited to a BBQ Friday. This BBQ was a party for a man who has retired from the Royal Botanic Garden after 41 years! 41 YEARS! Anyway, my friend Martyn (the one who drove me up to Glencoe and Kinlochleven) baked a cake in the form of a lighthouse! Wow! I asked him if he followed a recipe. He replied, "No, I just kind of did it."


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