Weeds, Weeds and Weeds

The gardeners at the botanics have been preparing for an event that is to take place this Friday. To prepare for such an event, everyone must participate in the lovely task of pulling weeds. I've been weeding so much that when I close my eyes I see nothing but weeds.

One of these delicious weeds is called Cymbalaria muralis. This weed spreads via underground rhizome and consumes everything in its path. If you were to divide the little white rhizome into a small portion, that would sprout and spread. This weed is such a problem that the management of the gardens have decided to eradicate the weed from a few of their beds. To accomplish this, everything much be taken out: trees, shrubs, herbaceous perennials and anything else that is living. Then the soil will be fumigated. This process will take about two years per bed. WHOA!

Cymbalaria muralis. See the white rhizomes?

Just a taste of the destruction!


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